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Nitrogen Management: Cost-Shared Funding Opportunities

The latest round of applications for the BC Climate Agri-Solutions Fund (BCCAF) is now open until November 6, 2023. The BCCAF supports farmers in adopting beneficial management practices (BMPs) that store carbon and reduce greenhouse gases, specifically in the areas of Nitrogen Management, Cover Cropping and Rotational Grazing.

This is a great opportunity to apply for cost-shared funding and many of our customers have accessed this funding in the past for costs associated with their Nitrogen Management programs, including costs for soil testing, compost and equipment costs.

Looking for a quote to help with your project estimations for your funding submission? Reach out to us today and we'll help customize a quote that suits your unique needs.

For a complete list of eligible costs and details on the funding program, visit the the BC Climate Agri-Solutions website.

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