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We know that no orchard, vineyard or grower is the same! We work with you to create a custom product that will give you the best results.

One Solution Does Not Fit All

Your soil and compost needs are unique, unique to your environment and unique to what you're growing. We'll work with you to determine your goals, help you analyze your soil and create a custom blend to suit your individual needs. Our custom blends are tailored to ensure that YOU will get the best growing results. 

Blending and Screening Enriched Soil (1).jpg

Soils Are Not Created Equal

No two soils are the same! Quality and formation will vary depending on the parent material, climate, living organisms, topography and time. This will impact the nutrients and soil structure and give varying growing results from soil to soil. At Superior Peat, we use the highest quality inputs and screen and blend to create soils and composts that give you the nutrients and structure you need for better growth and a better harvest.

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