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Grow More in Your Raised Garden Beds

Working with raised beds or container gardening requires a well-draining soil that's rich in organic matter to ensure your plants thrive. Raised beds have unique needs compared to an open garden, adequate drainage and getting enough organic matter can be a challenge.

Our Organic Raised Bed Garden Soil is specifically formulated for getting the most out of your raised beds, planters and container gardening. This premium, organic garden soil contains everything you need for the best results, it includes nutrient packed ingredients, plus an organic fertilizer for strong and healthy plants right from the start!

JUST plant and add water, this soil is ready to GROW!

Our Organic Raised Bed Garden Soil is a MUST when working in raised beds gardens and is a premium blend of SIX high quality ingredients:

1. Organic Topsoil

We start with a fertile topsoil, high in nutrients and a quality consistency for optimum plant growth.

2. Organic Peat Moss

We incorporate an organic soil amender, peat moss, to add moisture retention for healthy soil and healthy plants

3. Organic Mushroom Manure

Our mushroom manure is a great source of organic matter, improving your soil and feeds your plants the way nature intended!

4. Organic Composted Mulch

By blending in Organic Composted Mulch, the soil is boosted with more organic matter that slowly breaks down, improving your soil for seasons to come.

5. Organic Fertilizer

This soil also contains Organic Advantage OMRI Listed 8-5-4 controlled release fertilizer with micro nutrients. No need to add additional fertilizers, this organic fertilizer will slowly release nutrients for thriving plants.

6. Pumice

Pumice is a natural product that holds onto moisture and adds aeration and porosity to keep soils from getting mucky, so roots don't rot in wet weather.

Use our Organic Raised Bed Garden Soil for the best growth in your flower and vegetable gardens, stop by to pick up or order your delivery today, available in bulk or convenient one yard bags!

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