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Hands in the Soil

Organic Okanagan Compost 

Feed your plants the way nature intended! Our organic composts, manures and soil amendments are always free of bio-solids, naturally boost your nutrients, improve your soil structure and add vital organic matter for thriving plants and a better harvest. Organic Okanagan Compost can be your next step in supporting sustainable and regenerative agriculture, ask us about it today for all your growing needs! 

Black Soil

Why Use Organic Compost?

Organic compost provides better plant growth and a better harvest. There are numerous benefits for using our organic composts:

  • increases water retention

  • slowly release nutrients over multiple seasons

  • more cost effective than synthetic fertilizers

  • better for the environment

  • improves soil structure

  • natural disease suppressant

  • supplement your nitrogen input 

  • improves soil health

Check out our Organic Okanagan Composts today!

finley screened peat moss.jpeg

OMRI Certified

We have a number of OMRI Certified products that you can feel good about incorporating into your organic vineyard, orchard or growing operation. Everything starts with your soil, for the best growth, start with quality products. Reach out with any questions about our line of quality organic soils, composts and soil amendments. 


Free From Bio-Solids

Not all compost is created equal, our line of organic Okanagan composts are created with the highest quality inputs and are always free of bio-solids to give you the best results. Our composts help your plants thrive naturally with slow release nutrients for long term growth. We offer proven and trusted products that are used by leading vineyards, orchards and growers season after season. From our OMRI Certified Weston Compost to our Full Circle Compost and our Custom Blends, we have all your organic Okanagan compost needs covered.

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