Free from biosolids


A healthy blend of peat moss, top soil, mushroom compost (sourced form an organic mushroom farm)  and OMRI registered compost that allows even drainage and slow release nutrients.  With over 22% organic matter you will see your soil thrive with microbial activity. Its neutral pH creates a strong foundation for growing a large variety of plants. This soil is a perfect blend of natural ingredients offering a nutrient rich soil that is easy to work and will accommodate your planting needs.

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Just plant and water!

A premium mix of our screened organic top soil, peat moss, mushroom compost, composted mulch and pumice formulated to provide an excellent growing medium for a raised bed garden. When working with raised beds you require a soil that has excellent drainage providing the optimum environment for your plants roots.  This soil also provides aeration and porosity to reduce soil compaction from watering and contains ORGANIC ADVANTAGE OMRI LISTED organic 8-5-4 controlled release fertilizer with micro nutrients.

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An exceptional light soil amendment to rejuvenate your soil.  Lightens up heavy clay soils and adds much needed water retention in sandy soils.  Compeat is a very well balanced providing you with a large amount of slow release nutrients over the next two to three seasons.  A great addition to you beds in the fall and spring.



A special blend of our peat moss and mushroom compost making it perfect for a wide variety of plantings.   Over 30% organic matter to help rejuvenate your soil giving your plants a new lease of life. Naturally high in nutrients that will slowly release as and when your plants require them making it ideal for new planting projects.  With a pH of 6.7, Mushroom mix will help stabilize your soil.

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OMRI registered. Highly organic with a rich supply of slow release nutrients. Used as a soil additive/amendment for flower beds, rose gardens, new lawns, vegetable gardens, bedding plants, potting soils and used in new planting of trees and shrubs. Excellent moisture holding capacities and also reduces nutrient leaching.  Is mixed with existing soils to balance pH.

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Our top soil owes its very high quality to a naturally occurring blend of, peat Moss  volcanic ash, and sand - all from our bog. Screened down to 5/8” minus. Does not contain sewage bio-solids or wood waste. Ready to use for all planting requirements such as new lawns, seeded or sod, new gardens, flower beds, trees or shrubs. Abundant organic matter which holds moisture and nutrients.

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A pre-mixed blend of screened sand and and organic manures.  Amends heavy clay soils and provides slow release nutrients to help feed your lawn throughout the season.  Aeration of existing lawn prior to application is recommended.

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This 'made to order' soil has been created to give your young plants a great start.  Consisting of peat moss, composted bark and pumice resulting in a light soil will provide a perfect rooting environment allowing your new plugs and transplants to establish quickly, becoming stronger and healthier sooner.  Provides great aeration, drainage and porosity our Planter box is perfect for all your hanging baskets and planting containers.  This medium is widely used by the commercial grower and has been tried and tested for years.

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3/8 by 16
Excellent conditioner for soils that need increased aeration and drainage. An inorganic material that wont breakdown and can reduce your water requirements by up to a third.  Neutral pH