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Enriched-Pro is our best topsoil, screened twice for a finer growing medium that is high in organic matter.  A healthy blend of peat moss, topsoil, organic mushroom compost and our organic compliant Weston Compost that allows even drainage and slow release nutrients.  With over 22% organic matter you will see your soil thrive with microbial activity. This soil is a great top dressing for lawns and provides slow release nutrients, moisture retention and a neutral pH creates a strong foundation for growing a large variety of planting needs.



  • Excellent moisture retention

  • Over 22% organic matter and thriving with microbial activity

  • Slow release nutrients for strong, healthy plants


  • Top dressing lawns

  • New or existing plants

Components: Organic Peat Moss, Topsoil, Premium Compost, Mushroom Compost, Composted Mulch


All our products are available for pick-up, bulk delivery or in one yard bags. Contact us for your quote today!

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