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A healthy blend of peat moss, topsoil, mushroom compost (sourced from an organic mushroom farm)  and our organic compliant Weston Compost that allows even drainage and slow release nutrients.  With over 22% organic matter you will see your soil thrive with microbial activity. Its neutral pH creates a strong foundation for growing a large variety of plants. This soil is a perfect blend of natural ingredients offering a nutrient rich soil that is easy to work and will accommodate your planting needs. Can be used as a 2P soil under the Canadian Landscaping Standards.



  • Excellent moisture retention

  • Over 22% organic matter and thriving with microbial activity

  • Slow release nutrients for strong, healthy plants


  • New or existing plants

  • Vegetable and flower beds

Components: Organic Peat Moss, Topsoil, Premium Compost, Mushroom Compost, Composted Mulch


All our products are available for pick-up, bulk delivery or in one yard bags. Contact us for your quote today!

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