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An exceptional light soil amendment to rejuvenate your soil which is compliant for organic use.  Lightens up heavy clay soils and adds much needed water retention in sandy soils.  Compeat is well balanced, providing you with a large amount of slow release nutrients over the next two to three seasons.  A great addition to your soil in the fall and spring.



  • Improves soil structure in clay or sandy soils

  • Over 50% organic matter

  • Supports optimum growth with slow release nutrients​

  • Boosts moisture retention for thriving plants



  • New plants

  • Soil additive and amendment

  • Vegetable and flower growing



  • Organic Peat Moss
  • Organic Weston Compost


All our products are available for pick-up, bulk delivery or in one yard bags. Contact us for your quote today!

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