Premium Compost products for your orchard, vineyard, or garden


An OMRI certified compost made produced from yard waste materials.  This compost does not contain any bio-solids and can be spread directly on your lawns, flower beds and vegetable gardens.
Orchardist and vineyards are seeing the benefits when top dressing with this compost.



Extremely high in organic matter that can truly enhance your soil, superb for vegetable gardens.  This mushroom manure greatly increases microbial activity, reduces the need for watering and contains excessive amounts of nutrients reducing the need for artificial fertilisers.    Mushroom manure can amend clay soils by reducing soil capping, increasing the soils natural porosity, increasing nutrient retention thereby reducing plant stress.

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Revolution Organics is a premium compost and is the top choice for the discerning user. It is produced from commercially collected food waste (think grocery stores and restaurants) and is made at the only facility of its kind in the province. Revolution Organics aged a minimum of 18 months and contains no manures or biosolids. It is certified for use in organic farming and used by many of the top wineries and orchards all over the province to increase organic matter, promote water retention, increase porosity and deliver a full spread of slow release nutrients to soil.

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Improves soils structure and moisture holding capacity.  High in N and P as well as providing valuable calcium to your tomato plants.  Like all of Superior Peat's compost and manures it not only benefits your soil but also reduces the need for artificial fertiliser.
Organicly certified.

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This cattle manure will aid soil structure and tilth, moisture retention and is odour free.  The nutrient levels are moderate so there is no risk burning young tender plants and their roots.  Over 51% organic matter this will really help to aid your soils strength and reduce soil erosion.  Slightly acidic helping those acid loving plants stay strong and healthy.  A great balanced manure resulting in a sound addition to your soil.

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