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Plant-based, free from bio-solids, our Full Circle Compost brings plant materials, food and green waste back to the earth to feed your plants naturally. This organic Okanagan compost is a premium soil amender that provides better soil structure, moisture retention and an abundance of slow release nutrients. High in organic matter, our Full Circle Compost supplements your nitrogen input over time to reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers and naturally provides your plants with the nutrients they need for the best growth.


Full Circle Compost should be your next step in supporting sustainable and regenerative agriculture, ask us about it today for all your growing needs!




  • Produced from green-waste and food-waste, free from bio solids
  • Improves structure and health of soil by adding organic matter
  • Promotes moisture and nutrient retention in your soil
  • Reduces environmental impact of waste and supports a more sustainable future




  • Soil Amendment
  • Soil Additive
  • Orchards, Vineyards and Growers


Components: Plant-based materials, yard trimmings, leaves, green bin materials, food waste


All our products are available for pick-up, bulk delivery or in one yard bags. Contact us for your quote today!

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