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Full of premium ingredients, this top-of-the-line professional grow media is formulated to increase your plant's growth. A high-performance, nutrient-rich soil designed to create an optimal root environment and support beneficial microbial activity. This soil is crafted with a premium mix of our screened organic top soil, OMRI listed peat moss, organic mushroom compost, organic composted mulch, pumice and Grounds Keepers' Pride Organic Advantage 8-5-4 controlled release fertilizer with micro nutrients. High porosity, excellent aeration and moisture retention creates the optimum environment for your plants roots and the best growth. Ask us about our Cannabis Mix today.



  • Nutrient rich and moisture retentive

  • High in slow-release nutrients and microbial activity

  • Provides aeration and porosity


  • New plantings

  • Specifically formulated for containers

Components: Organic Peat Moss, Organic Topsoil, Composted Mulch, Organic Mushroom Compost, Organic Advantage Fertilizer, Pumice 


All our products are available for pick-up, bulk delivery or in one yard bags. Contact us for your quote today!

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